About Us

Peter and Mandy Pallock

We met in 2004, with photography and communication forming a common bond. Teaching photography with the Institute of Photographic Studies, we quickly became friends. It took six years, but God brought our hearts and lives together. Since we said “I do” in 2010, we have brought our own passionate love for each other and for God to what we do.

We love documenting God at work in the world, and that includes you!

We live, love, and work out of San Antonio, Texas.


Photography is the communication of relationships, the voice of sight that is heard by the soul. From childhood on, we learn to see the messages of non-verbal communication every day, and every gesture and expression means something to us and to how we’ve learned to relate to the people and the things around us.

My passion is to raise the bar for Christian communication in areas such as photography, video, design, and writing, by inspiring believers to strive for excellence and providing them the tools to attain it, so that the powerful and essential message of who Christ is and what He has done will reach both the church and the world with greater effectiveness.


God has given me a passion to communicate Biblical truth. With my camera, I can document what God is doing in the world and share it with those who may be encouraged, challenged, and moved to action.

I firmly believe that God displays a different aspect of His character and nature through each person, and that’s why I would love to meet you, get to know you, and capture your portrait or special day!